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Does deleting a customer via the API stop all charges for that customer?

Does deleting a customer via deleteCustomer also automatically delete any payment methods and cancel any charges they may have? That is, I'm wonde

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How do I change my password?

I need to change the password on my account for security reasons. Can you please assist?

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How do I get a receipt for a transaction?

we did not put the 'email receipt' option in our users account there a way I can get manual receipts to send to a customer who asks

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Is there a way to manually modify a customer's charge?

Is there a way to manually change (via the merchant dashboard) a customer's charge parameters. Here's the situation I see happening: Customer sign

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How does Recharge know what interval to use if I only pass Interval_Value=3 to a hosted payment page?

Just curious about how this works: If I specify "Interval_Value" = 3 (quarterly), the three is intended to mean "months", but I'm not actually

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How do I change the bank account my sales are deposited into?

How do I change the bank account my sales are deposited into?

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Can I accept credit cards in my office with Recharge?

Is there a way that this could be set up to accept payments through the card swipe machine at our office?

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How do I add a charge via the API that will continue forever?

If I want a charge to continue until cancelled, is there a special end date value(such as empty) or do I just enter a very future date such as a year

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Can I generate a report that would show my total expected credit card charges for next month?

When I go into the Dashboard and view a report of "Next Month" to see which charges will occur next month, it doesn't seem to respond with all the

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How can I tell from a webhook if the transaction is a test transaction or live?

When my webhook URL gets called, I can't tell whether it's a test transaction or a live transaction. That is, I don't know which of my Recharge ac

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