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Giving options for several payment amounts.

Hi - is there a way to set up one billing page/product that gives the client several options. For example: Professor -$30./mo Associate Professor -

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Can I be notified when a customer's charge fails more than a number of days?

I couldn't find the way to set the merchant email when a payment fails more than x days and is cancelled. Where is this option enabled and where is

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Can I create a one-time future charge?

Is it possible to create a one-time (non-recurring) charge that will only process the charge at a future date rather than immediately?

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Does Recharge offer a non-profit discount?

We are a non-profit organization. Does Recharge offer any special pricing for non-profits? What kind of documentation is required?

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How does a customer find their Customer Portal page on their own?

How does a paying user find their own credit card page and/or cancel, etc...

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Can I look up transaction history for a deleted customer?

If I delete a charge from a customer, can I still reach the customer's payment transaction history?

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Can I look up a deleted customer via the API?

Once I delete a customer after they cancel, I no longer have their customer ID on my side. Is there a way to get a customer's ID based on their name

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How does the Recharge system retry for failed charges?

I may have asked this before, but how does the Recharge system retry for failed charges? Will it notify the customer via email and then retry the

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How do I find the URL for a hosted payment page?

I'm trying to give my customers the ability to sign up online. I've created products and they're listed in the products section of the control pane

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How does Recharge handle declines?

If the customer's last charge was 5/1/2012 and it failed, I'm going to wait 15 days (for example) and then set the billing end date to 5/16/2012 so

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