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What does "Duplicate Transaction Error" mean?

One of my customers signed up twice accidentally and seems to have gotten double charged! Do I refund and delete first account? Or did 2nd charge n

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What does "TSYS Error: SERV NOT ALLOWED" mean?

Any idea what this means: "TSYS Error: SERV NOT ALLOWED" It occurred on a Visa card $15 recurring monthly transaction today.

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What does "Card Type Not Supported" mean?

I noticed two attempted transaction items in the Recharge Dashboard report section that say "Card Type Not Supported". Can you tell me which card

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What does "Improper Field Data Error: Alias" mean?

Can you tell me what this decline reason means: "Improper Field Data Error: Alias" I have a customer's recurring charge that failed with this m

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What does "Processing Host Unavailable" mean?

Just curious -- I had a failed charge this morning with the reason: "Processing Host Unavailable". What does that mean?

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Does Recharge have an affiliate program?

For my work as a designer/business consultant/service provider, I end up referring a lot of users to Recharge. Is there any program that rewards me fo

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What does "AMEX CC not allowed for merchant" mean?

I just received an auto generated email about a charge and I do not know what this means: "AMEX CC not allowed for merchant". I thought my mercha

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Is Recharge available outside of the US?

Is Recharge available for businesses that are based outside of the US?

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How can I tell if a customer's charge is active via the API?

I'm in the process of pulling transactions for a deleted customer. I can get his transactions from /transactions/ and that works. The

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How do I issue a customer a refund?

How do I issue a customer a refund through the control panel?

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